The Primal Sunday Experiment

Primal Sunday
Twelve months
Different men
One bonfire

Fucking unreal. Resistance and tension giving way to total openness and vulnerability. Relating to deep pain and ecstatic pleasure. Feeling a sense of expansiveness because even if I haven’t gone through something, one of my brothers has and has brought the medicine and story to share with us.

Literally saving people’s lives. From suicide and from a life of isolation and desperation. Carrying each other’s pain, sharing our own similar stories, and inspiring hope and fiery action.

All in just one Sunday a month, sitting around a bonfire. Getting real and becoming the medicine we need. Unleashing power, freedom, and love to bring to the rest of our lives.

The circle makes it safe to share all of ourselves. The darkness envelopes us and focuses our attention inward. The fire transmutes our pain. The water heals our souls. The moon holds our intentions, shining our inner light back to us. Helping us to see our way through the night.

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