The Quest for Brotherhood

“I go hither, I know not where. To bring back, I know not what.”

I’m going on a quest. A journey. A pilgrimage.

I don’t know where it will lead. I have a rough idea of the ground I want to cover.


North County San Diego

Oakland / East Bay

Portland, Oregon

I’m trying to “optimize for optionality” and leverage my remote work arrangement to live nomadically for up to a year while exploring communities I feel would have a high likelihood of being places for me to live near like-minded friends.

I’m going to stay open to opportunities rather than having a fixed target of what I desire or where it must be.

I like these three elements, taken from Jack Donovan’s The Brotherhood speech. I disagree with a lot of his ideas. But these three are solid.

Brotherhood, Family, Ancesters.

So simple, universal, and yet almost non-existent in modern culture.

He also references archaofuturism – whereby we can blend new technologies and ideas with ancient practices and natural lifeways.

I want to live near like-minded men and women in a community where we are interdependent on each other and our fates are bound, while being less dependent on the state and corporations. Cohousing meets ecovillage meets lifestyle businesses.

I’m really into the idea of brotherhood. Men around the fire. Rites of passage, initiation rituals. Commitment and solidarity you can count on.

Family by choice.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my family by birth the past year and a half.

Since moving home and living in a medium sized house with my mom, dad, two grandmas, and occasionally my sister, I’ve really gotten a lot of adult family time.

It’s been really amazing to witness the transformation from tension to comfort with each other. To start functioning as a multi-adult household beyond childhood patterns.

I also have a great community here in the Boston area. So I might end up back where I started, seeing it with new eyes. Or I might end up in another part of the country. Or in another country altogether.

All I know is… I’ll be living in community with like minded men and women. Building businesses, families, and tribes together.

I went to the gym today to clear my head and get back on track after a really emotionally difficult week – being sick and having lots of intense feelings come up. I sat in the dry sauna afterwards, pretending it was a sweat lodge, feeling my anger come up and praying to my ancestors for guidance. Powerful.

I definitely want my tribe / family / community to have an ancestor / nature worship component. It’s really important to me.


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